Solving Problems and Pressing for Solutions

2040 Matters was launched in August 2015. The Blog is dedicated to restoring the American Dream for Generation X+ and future generations by combating declining civic engagement and offering alternatives to political polarization.

2040 Matters is non-partisan. We are not interested in partisanship or political point-scoring. We believe that an idea should be judged on its merits, rather than its source. We are interested in reasoned problem solving rather than dogma and ideology. To paraphrase Generation X+ member Ferris Bueller: “Isms, in [our] opinion, are [over-rated]. A person should not believe in an ism, he should believe in [solving problems].”

To this end, this Blog will, in the weeks, months, and years ahead:

  • Argue that those of us who care about our children, our country, and the American Dream have a moral and civic duty to leave the country in better shape than we found it;
  • Note that we are in danger of breaching this duty if we do not solve the key challenges facing the U.S. over the next 25 years – challenges that if left unaddressed, will result in a less secure, prosperous, civil, and optimistic country;
  • Rigorously and independently assess and recommend potential solutions for solving our largest problems; and
  • Press for and foster robust civic and political engagement to ensure that our biggest issues are actually solved (rather than foisted on future generations and their elected officials).

Together, we can repair the American Dream. Join us. Get engaged. Duty calls. 2040 Matters.