July 2016 In Review

A look back at items of interest to the 2040 Matters community.

We are, admittedly, a little behind.  Here’s a comprehensive look at important items from the last few months:

In case you missed it:

The FBI Director echoes a warning about the Islamic State that we made 8 months ago.

Two of our most popular posts ever, which offer a different spin on necessary education reforms:

(1)    Teach Financial Literacy

(2)    Teach “Gritty” Civics

Our call for an organized write-in campaign for President, which is starting to gain momentum here in California.  Stay tuned for more.

California Issues

Public Finances – Pensions

California’s unfunded pension liabilities could range from $300 billion to $1 trillion.

California’s biggest pension fund posts flat returns, placing even more pressure on an underfunded pension system that looks increasingly like a Ponzi scheme.

Education Reform

The State Board of Education is poised to approve “accountability” measures that will have the perverse effect of making it harder for parents to measure school performance.

Meanwhile, the State Legislature continues to feud over this issue as well, with the California Teachers Association opposing various reform measures.

Energy and Environment

Thinning overgrown forests could increase California’s water supply.

The cap-and-trade system is failing to generate predicted revenue, dealing yet another blow to the beleaguered and poorly-conceived bullet train project.

National Issues

Public and Personal Finances

With growth slow and less return on equities, Millennials will have to work seven years longer or save almost twice as much as Boomers in order to obtain equivalent retirement security.

Nothing is free.  Democratic proposals for “free college” – federal subsidies that we cannot fund with current revenues – come with a steep future price for Millennials:  Greater debt and higher taxes during peak earning years.

The trouble with “universal basic income.”

Education Reform

Studies support the benefits of early childhood education, but the question remains whether such education should be publicly-provided.


A better grid could dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

Solar power is making huge gains in the developing world.

Do Something Congress

In what (sadly) represents a remarkable achievement for our “do nothing” Congress, the legislature and President actually managed to agree on a bipartisan plan for restructuring Puerto Rico’s staggering debt.

Public Policy Formulation

If we want government that works for everyone, stability, and growth, it’s time to “put the ‘public’ back into “public policy.

Free Speech

Why free speech matters on college campuses.

Free speech is under attack globally with potentially dire consequences.

The Presidential Election

The Orange County Register correctly calls for Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson to be included in the upcoming debates.  If you agree, sign here.  We did.

National Security

Like 2040 Matters, Jennifer Rubin notes that national security, especially counter-terrorism, should be featuring more in the presidential election.

The Lighter Side

Stephen Colbert crashes the RNC.

Andy Borowitz:   Trump Succeeds in Delivering a Speech No One will want to Plagiarize.

John Oliver highlights the more interesting aspects of the DNC.

Donald Trump’s “Sacrifices

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