The Week in Review

A look back at items of interest to the 2040 Matters community.

In case you missed it:

“What we’ve got [in the U.S.] is a failure to communicate,” asserted Brian Goebel in an essay on the “Rise and Fall of Great Communication.”

Best of the rest:


Michael Bloomberg considers a third-party run for President.

Government Performance:

In a shocking result, a national survey found that the vast majority of Americans have little or no confidence in the ability of the federal government to solve important problems.

Public Pensions:

California is failing to grapple with its “hundreds of billions of dollars in debt for pensions and retiree health care costs.

The lighter side:

Stephen Colbert summarizes presidential campaigns using Simon and Garfunkel song titles.

Worth Reading:

Robert M. Gates, a fellow William and Mary alum, has a new book out on leadership, entitled: “A Passion for Leadership.”

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