The Week in Review

A look back at items of interest to the 2040 Matters community.

In case you missed it:

Chris Christie exits the presidential race and he may have taken the issue of generational justice with him.

Best of the rest:


Morton Kondracke argued that even if Michael Bloomberg cannot win the presidency, he can change politics by founding a center-left socially, center-right fiscally third-party that builds on work of Third Way, No Labels, the Centrist Party, the Bipartisan Policy Center, and the Centrist Project.

In an insightful essay, Charles Murray noted that the “American Creed,” built on individual liberty and individualism, is losing its political currency.

Generational Justice and Public Pensions:

These problems are not ours alone. In Britain, pensioner incomes are now higher than those of working households and three-quarters of working-age Britons believe they will be worse off than their parents.

Education Reform:

A lottery to lose.”  Louisiana’s school voucher lottery may have turned its winners into losers – they soon had lower test scores than those who did not receive the vouchers.

National Security:

Better late than never. NATO is finally going to take steps to deter Russian aggression on its eastern flank.

The lighter side:

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” returns to HBO tonight. It’s really too bad our presidential candidates are not providing him with much to work with . . . .

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