The Week in Review

A look back at items of interest to the 2040 Matters community.

In case you missed it:

In updated version of the first Post on, Brian Goebel argued that parents who really care about their children should direct more of their energy into civic engagement and spend less time helicoptering.

Best of the rest:


Is there really no center in American politics?  A recent poll finds that Bloomberg would lose badly to both Trump and Sanders.

Generational justice has left the building.  The last Republican presidential candidate to care about this issue has dropped out of the race.

Generational Justice and Economics:

A disinterest in, or misunderstanding of, macroeconomics causes Millennials to vote against their long-term economic interests (and those of their children).

The Environment

In news that might surprise much of the country, the Washington Post noted that the U.S. is well on its way to substantially reducing greenhouse gases without massive government intervention.

The Drug War

With marijuana legalization efforts gaining steam in the Western Hemisphere, the Economist and its Editor have weighed in:

Focus on reducing demand rather than supply.

Regulate and tax rather than prohibit.

The lighter side:

In his own, inimitable way, Andy Borowitz suggests the Republican Party has jumped the shark.

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