The Week in Review

A look back at items of interest to the 2040 Matters community.

In case you missed it:

Brian Goebel argued that no presidential candidate from either party has a truly thoughtful and balanced environmental policy platform, and only two candidates have arguably reasonable positions.

For those interested in a dispassionate discussion of climate change data, take a look at

Best of the rest:


Mystify me.” Chris Christie makes a “twisted selection” and endorses Donald Trump’s candidacy.  If these are Mr. Christie’s “true colors,” centrist Republicans should be especially thankful for the early judgment of voters in New Hampshire. Even if Mr. Christie truly despises Marco Rubio, this decision is difficult to explain.  As this Blog has previously noted, Mr. Christie was an early and strong proponent of generational justice in the form of entitlement reform – something Mr. Trump does not care about in the least.

It turns out the Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” proposal may not be that great for many Americans.

Taxation and Small Businesses:

An interesting piece on corporate taxation and proposals for removing an obstacle to small business success – pass through taxation at marginal rates greater than those imposed on corporations.  All small business owners should be interested in this issue.

The lighter side:

Stephen Colbert’s wish list for Hillary Clinton as President.

Read the comments on the 2040 Matters Facebook Page about my Post on the presidential candidates and the environment.

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