The Week in Review

A look back at items of interest to the 2040 Matters community.

In case you missed it:

Brian Goebel noted that the Republican Party is comfortably ensconced in the Land of Oz, an observation confirmed by yesterday’s voters.

Best of the rest:


Gone and already largely forgotten. Ben Carson suspended his presidential campaign.

Buried in the reporting on Donald Trump’s march to Cleveland is the fact that Ted Cruz, who is hardly a model of centrism and civility, is accumulating a large number of delegates as well.

Plan B? An aide to Hillary Clinton was given immunity in order to provide testimony in the investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s email practices as Secretary of State.  This is not a good sign for Mrs. Clinton or the Democrats, who appear to have no Plan B if the investigation seriously hampers Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy after the Democratic Convention.

California Public Policy:

In a piece that succinctly embodies everything that is wrong with public policy in California, Los Angeles Times columnist Michael Hiltzik defended the need for the bullet train project despite the facts that:  (1) the purpose of the project is not clearly defined (i.e., what problem is it trying to solve?); (2) it is not being compared to other options for achieving the desired outcome; (3) its costs are uncertain and are possibly deliberately understated in order to generate and maintain support for the project; and (4) its benefits are equally uncertain if not overstated.   This is the antithesis of reasoned public policy.  No wonder its opponents deride the project as the “crazy train.”

The lighter side:

The Onion charitably (it turns out) compares the Republican Presidential Debate backstage preparations to preschool recess (and offends preschoolers everywhere).

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