The Week in Review

A look back at items of interest to the 2040 Matters community.

In case you missed it:

Brian Goebel discussed presidential candidates who pledge to be problem solvers.

Best of the rest:

American Dream:

The Kemp Forum identified several bipartisan opportunities for reducing poverty, ranging from expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit to reforming sentencing.

John Leguizamo discussed growing up in Queens as the child of immigrants and how his high school math teacher helped steer him to a successful career in comedy.

Social Security:

Andrew Biggs highlighted two studies that “show the folly of expanding benefits before Social Security’s underlying finances are fixed.”

Public Pensions:

California’s Public Employment Relations Board seeks to prevent public officials from campaigning for pension reform initiatives.

The lighter side:

The Onion and Andy Borowitz offer unique insights into the State of the Union Address.

Worth reading:

Why is economics called the “dismal science?”  Perhaps it is because many economic models are flawed — they do not account for the fact that most people are pretty dismal economists (as opposed to rational economic actors).  Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics by Richard H. Thaler.

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