Two Weeks in Review

A look back at items of interest to the 2040 Matters community.

In case you missed it:

Brian Goebel wrote extensively on the presidential election and the state of the two national parties, arguing that the rise of a centrist third-party is virtually inevitable and that Donald Trump is a curious choice for angry voters tired of President Obama.

The Gaping Hole in the Center of American Politics

Coming Apart at the Seams

Angry Voters Beware

Best of the rest:

National Security

“Moderate” means something different in Farsi. Following elections in which purported “moderates” made substantial gains, Iran test-fired two types of ballistic missiles emblazoned with anti-Israel slogans.

California’s Public Finances:

Under new (and much more accurate) accounting standards, California recently reported that it has almost $64 billion in unfunded pension obligations.  $64 billion!

The State does not, however, have the courage to report publicly how it spends its money every year, deliberately leaving good government groups in the dark.

Honorary 2040 Matters Community Members:

Ben Zimmer at the Wall Street Journal celebrates the phrase “As If!” from Clueless.

The lighter side:

The Onion offers its own take on the discord that marks Donald Trump’s campaign rallies.

Andy Borowitz does the same.

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