The United States faces enormous challenges as we approach the year 2040:  unsustainable public debt, climate change, wage stagnation, intractable poverty, inequality, political polarization, and increasing intolerance for views we do not already share.  And the list goes on . . . .

2040 Matters was launched in August 2015 to promote civic engagement and informed and reasoned policy making through data analysis in an effort to solve problems and and provide constructive alternatives to political polarization.

2040 Matters is non-partisan. To paraphrase Generation X+ member Ferris Bueller: “Isms, in [our] opinion, are [over-rated]. A person should not believe in an ism, he should believe in [solving problems].” We are not interested in partisanship or political point-scoring. We believe that an idea should be judged on its merits, rather than its source. We believe that complex problems cannot be solved through Tweets, political talking points, or sound bites.  We are interested in gathering data, finding facts, and reasoned problem solving.

Our mission is to ensure that Americans honor their generational duty to leave the country in better shape than they found it.  We will do this by:

  • Encouraging discussions about our greatest challenges based on data and facts;
  • Rigorously and independently assessing and recommending potential solutions for our greatest challenges; and
  • Pressing for robust civic and political engagement to ensure that our greatest challenges are actually solved (rather than foisted on future generations and their elected officials).

Although we face many challenges as a county, we are capable of solving them through a renewed commitment to an informed, deliberative, and engaged citizenry. Together, we can repair the American Dream. Join us. Get engaged. 2040 Matters.