We cannot rely on the current political climate to produce the policy changes needed to repair the American Dream. To the contrary, the toxic mix of increasing polarization and decreasing voter turnout has combined to create much of the mess we are currently in. And things are going to get much worse over the next 25 years if we do not start acting now.

If you want to help restore the American Dream for current and future generations, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Stay informed;
  2. Get involved by joining and donating to government reform groups; and
  3. Get increasingly vocal by writing your elected officials and supporting candidates and political action committees dedicated to real government reform.

It is easier, less time-consuming, and more rewarding than you may believe. Working together, the 2040 Matters community can make a real difference in the future of our country.

Get Informed

As one of my former colleagues was fond of saying, many of us are “busier than one-armed wallpaper hangers.”  Here are our recommendations for maximizing your ability to learn more about the key issues facing the U.S. over the next 25 years given your various time-constraints:

Get Involved

Participate in 2040 Matters campaigns on key issues (i.e., the “Campaign for 2040”). Our Posts often include a call to political action or recommend a step you can take to solve a problem. We encourage everyone to participate, as collective action is the most effective way to make a difference.

Join and financially support organizations that are dedicated to reforming government and implementing non-partisan solutions for repairing the American Dream:

Get Increasingly Vocal

Write your elected officials on issues you care about, even if they are not the subject of a 2040 Matters campaign. It is easy and can be effective when done properly.

Before putting pen-to-paper (literally, I’m not kidding), here are a few tips:

  • Note you are a constituent and, if true, a consistent voter and someone who is active in your community;
  • A personal note is better than a form letter;
  • A handwritten/typed and signed letter that is sent via the U.S. Postal Service is more persuasive than email (but email may be responded to more quickly);
  • Make sure you have a clear request;
  • Be concise; and
  • Be polite.

You can find the email and mailing addresses for your Representative and Senators using the links below:
House of Representatives: www.house.gov/representatives/find/

You can make a positive difference by writing your elected officials.  You can maximize your impact by getting even more vocal. Here is what we mean:

Recruit others to a cause. Be an organizer in addition to a participant, whether it is a 2040 Matters priority or another issue you are passionate about.

Donate to candidates and political action committees you believe in. Although there are many reasons to bemoan the role of money in politics, we cannot afford to make campaign finance reform a precondition to taking action on the issues negatively affecting the 2040 Matters community. Not only does money talk, but when donated to a good cause, it can make a positive contribution to civic life as was the case with the funding behind the California ballot initiatives that reformed redistricting and the primary system.

Speak your mind. When given an opportunity to take a poll, decline a solicitation for money, or attend a candidate event or a town hall meeting with an elected official, take it. In political calculus, silence is often the equivalent of apathy or assent. It allows flawed policies and platforms to persist. If you want to change the system for the better, be a vocal citizen and voter.