May 2016

In a recent piece in the Orange County Register entitled “The revolution will be livestreamed,” Brian Goebel, the President of Reason in Government, discusses the future of political parties as they grapple with Millennials and the consumer preference to tailored content.

April 2016

The William and Mary Alumni Magazine profiles Brian Goebel (BA '93, JD '96) and discusses how 2040 Matters and Reason in Government reflect his commitment to civic engagement and generational justice.

March 2016

Brian Goebel explains why angry voters should beware of Donald Trump:  He embodies many of the same qualities that have made voters so angry about the Obama Presidency.  

September 2015

Brian Goebel and Brian Finlay argue that the mass migration crisis in Europe, rising concerns over terrorist travel, and other global challenges demonstrate that the UN Security Council must lead the international community on border management issues.