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  • John schultz
    June 28, 2016

    I agree with 90% of what you’re saying in the sixties they taught Civics to all schools do I think change is only achieved through the disadvantage having their say and vote that is counted that is the only thing that we have as Citizens I know that’s a dirty word but it is what it is .citizens in my mind they have not only been ignored to a certain degree they’ve been betrayed to a certain degree. Barack Obama is trying the best I can to keep the ship righted even though the banks and our industrial globalization has got his hands tied behind his back. There has to be a balance between socialistic values.The ,water, gas and Electric should be in direct control of the people to be able to hold them accountable. You can’t hold a private company accountable if they can hide their books and possibly keep their Prophets overseas. Not to mention holding the States budget hostage raising prices with impunity.. it’s funny I hear these days people talking about Barack Obama for all the reasons of their woes as you were talking about earlier . It’s civics people don’t understand what door to knock on because you’re being fed lies. And to me I feel that is one of the biggest problems that were having is the force-feeding of blaming the federal government for all their local problems. Do not pay attention to the man behind the curtain can be said about all politics but all people want to be as happy and the fact that they don’t have more opportunity for stable employment and a pension. Makes them feel free floating from job to job being laid off not only them but their sons daughters and fathers. Because of this reason there is upheaval the Republican Party is to blame for most of this I hate to point out but if anybody knows anything about history or can think back a few years well you can figure it out. Donald Trump in classic Hitler fashion blaming every single race except for the white race for their problems. You can have freedom of speech but when you are endangering people’s lives by using racist slurs you will incite riots I really hope this world has enough sense not to kill each other and stop listen and just follow the money I know that was like the lp got through it if you didn’t I understand

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