Wasting Precious Time and Lives

In the aftermath of Paris and San Bernardino, the West has yet to develop a strategy for defeating fanatical Islamic terror.

Today, our hearts go out to the survivors and the families of those killed in this morning’s Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) attacks in Brussels.  Many of us are still mourning the victims of the many terror attacks that have taken place since the Paris attacks this past November, in places such as:  Ankara; Istanbul; Ivory Coast; Mogadishu; Burkina Faso; Jakarta; San Bernardino; Tunis; and Mali.  The list goes on. . . .

The ISIS attacks in Brussels this morning are the latest is a very long list of reminders that the cancer that is fanatical Islamic terror is spreading while the world, especially the West, dithers over whether to even seek treatment. We are wasting time, and people all over the world are dying as a result.  How many more must die at the hands of fanatical Islamic terrorists before we take decisive action?  “How long, how long must we sing this song?”

Sadly, the observations I made this past November and December are just as true today as they were then:

December:  “The Administration’s strategy for defeating fanatical Islamic terrorism (meaning just the Islamic State) ignores hard truths. . . . It is both deceptively simple and dangerously superficial.

November: “The Paris attacks vividly illustrate the flaws in the West’s current approach to fanatical Islamic terror. Let’s not squander this moment to develop a smart and comprehensive strategy for eradicating this cancer, starting with the tumor that is the Islamic State.

If the U.S. will not lead, then perhaps NATO will take up the baton given the attacks in France, Belgium, and Turkey. Someone must.  Please.

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