• Wayne R.
    May 3, 2016

    I could not agree more.

    We have one main environmental challenge here in Santa Barbara: Water, water, and water!

    Two suggestions:

    SBA county should form a Utility District. We should fund with bonds a YUGE solar farm in Mojave, well thought out enviromentally. That power gets shipped in to help our daytime peaking load. But most important we build desal plants to supply the prudent non agricultural needs of all county residents. We do not on the average, draw from wells — let the aquifer recover. We can recharge from storm runoff, if that ever happens again.

    My most “popular” suggestion: Each time a property is sold, levy a 3% sales tax to fund placing or expanding solar panels on the property.

    Call it the “clear skies and closed taps” platform for thinking globally and acting locally.


    • Brian Goebel
      May 10, 2016


      In addition to focusing on our immediate local environmental challenges, I agree we need a more comprehensive and balanced approach to meeting our water and energy needs here in Santa Barbara while adhering to our strong environmental ethos. Although NIMBYism is a challenge, we should be leading the way on creative wind and solar solutions. With a major research university and an active environmental community, we should also be leading the charge to develop more environmentally-friendly desal technologies. We could be doing so much more than we are, and I am hoping that our new Board of Supervisors will have the composition and vision required to drive these new efforts forward.


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